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Frankel & Fisch are dedicated to helping you trace and preserve
your family history. With our combined expertise in research,
writing, and design, we can create easy to understand reports
that reveal the lives of your ancestors.

We’ve conducted investigations for police and fire departments,
museums, authors, and adoptees. Projects have included finding
historical data for academic publications, intestate heir searches,
and documenting proofs for aliyah and dual citizenship.

Attractive charts, historical narratives, and archival conservation of
your photographs and keepsakes are some of the services we offer.

If you’re learning how to do your own research, we’re available for
mentoring in person or by phone.

We offer a selection of instructional lectures for genealogical and
historical societies, presented in person or using Zoom.

Please contact us to discuss your family history project and create
a lasting legacy for future generations.

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